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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Steer Away from Shark Based Squalene

Shark week continues... OK, what the heck is squalene? Shark squalene is an organic compound found in a sharks liver. So, what's the problem? Shark squalene is heavily used in cosmetics, contributing to unsustainable fishing and damage to marine life. One reason the population of sharks is declining is due to overfishing for the purpose of obtaining the squalene. Click through to read on!
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Health & Beauty

Best Green Beauty Products for Your Hair and Face

I try to choose cosmetic products that are made from natural, chemical free ingredients and recycled goods. It can be difficult to make the ‘green choice’ when staring down a drugstore aisle with seemingly endless options of shampoo and face wash. But if you familiarize yourself with some of the greener cosmetic companies, you’ll find there’s a good array of affordable, environmentally conscious selections out there. Read on for the rundown on a few of my favorite eco-friendly cosmetic lines:
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Health & Beauty

How Safe is Your Sunscreen?

Tis the season… to lather up on the sunscreen before heading out and fight off sun damage. We’ve heard the major health risks of going unprotected in the sun (skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.) But despite sunblocks major health benefits, many leading brands are still made with ingredients that are potentially harmful to the environment. What should you watch out for?
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