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From hemp clothing, hemp jewelry, CBD products and Medical Marijuana, this is poised to be a breakout year for the Cannabis industry. After 80 years of government prohibition, American farmers, businesses and consumers can finally grow, process, sell and use Cannabis...
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Friday Quickie: Boil it & ConServe

The average US household uses 130,000 gallons of water per year. Therefore, anytime you can conserve H2O helps the cause. When making a delicious dinner (or snack), try to boil food in as little water as possible.  Use just enough water to cover what your cooking, and put a lid on to heat things up faster. After you're finished and the water's cooled down, use the excess water to water houseplants instead of dumping down the drain.
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Quick Tip: Defrost Food & Lower Costs

Do you plan ahead by defrosting food on the counter or use a microwave 5 minutes before dinnertime? (OR if you have to defrost some turkey, tofurkey, or meat/etc this Thanksgiving...) Try planning ahead & defrosting frozen foods in the refrigerator instead... You'll lower the fridge's temperature, saving you energy (and money!)
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Vote for Chef Stephanie Krzywanski & Kimberton in Sears Chef Challenge!

Vote for a local chef AND benefit local Camphill Village Kimberton Hills! Stephanie McKeon Krzywanski, Phoenixville resident, personal chef and owner of The Comfort Gourmet is 1 of 24 chefs nationwide to participate in the Sears Chef Challenge. Readers, vote once a day until July 10th via and enter to win an entire suite of Kenmore appliances. We caught up with Chef Stephanie to see how her green passion translates to the kitchen: Green Philly Blog: What sustainable practices do you use while cooking?
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Quick Tip: Nuke it Baby

Don’t feel guilty using your microwave for those simple, on-the-go meals. Cooking & reheating using your microwave is not only fast, but more energy efficient than using your stove-top or oven.  Results are reducing up to 70 % of energy use. Posted...
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