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Toy Drop-off @ Beehive

Unless Kids will be at the Beehive holiday bazar gathering all your unwanted toys! The event will take place during open play on Sunday 12/10 9:30a-12pm. It is free to Beehive members and costs $15 for non members. During this...
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Philadelphia City Nature Challenge

As we say goodbye to April showers and hello to May flowers, you too can bloom and grow by taking part in the Philadelphia City Nature Challenge, a 4-day bio-blitz where cities worldwide see who can record the most wildlife....
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Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire

Kicking off the summer, the first-ever Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire will showcase inventors, artists, startups, garage tinkerers, crafters, science clubs, and others who like to get their hands dirty making things. These “makers” will come together to show off their...
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Top 6 Green Children’s Books All Parents Need

I have a confession to make. Deep breath. Here it goes. When I was a small kid,  I used to trap insects in a bug catcher. Then, I read James and the Giant Peach.  James and the Giant Peach is an adventure about a young boy who crosses the Atlantic with his best friends, who just so happen to have many legs and an exoskeleton. My days as a bugnapper were officially over. This experience taught me how important books are in shaping the values of children. However, I’m not the only one who can benefit from the lessons of my transformation. What literature can you use to introduce environmental lessons for your kids? Find out the 6 best children’s books to raise young environmentalists, after the jump!
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