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Zipcar Unveils New Zipvan Line in Philly

Zipcar is one of Philly's prime car sharing solutions for urban dwellers who want to live a mostly car-less life but need wheels every once in awhile. Now the world's leading car sharing network is expanding to include Zipvan™ cargo van service across North America. Zipcar is launching the Zipvan service in Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon and will expand to other markets over the next year. I had a chance to ask Zipcar Philly's General Manager, Peter Bruvik, some questions about the new van sharing initiative . Read on for the Q&A.
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A Greener Thanksgiving : Here’s How

Holidays always seem to test our good green intentions. The travel, the FOOD, and the excess waste can leave a big footprint. T-day eve and Thanksgiving day mark the biggest travel days of the year. And, according to Recycleworks household waste in the US increases 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Years. Yikes. How can you put your eco-conscious at ease? Here are some tips to enjoy a greener Thanksgiving. Click through to read on!
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Green Tips for Labor Day

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, enjoying a picnic in the park, or hitting up the beach one last time during this Labor Day weekend keep in mind these simple tips : Reduce your carbon footprint and use public transportation or carpool with friends and family to your destination. Use the final celebration weekend of summer to enjoy locally grown produce like (get more info, after the jump!)
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