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Will Bloom’s Power Box Define Energy's Future?

Last week Bloom Energy revealed their electricity- in-a-box- product . The Bloom box was eight years (and 4 million dollars) in the works.

Bloom Energy has finally come out of the shadows and produced a product that has other green technology companies wondering why didn’t I think of that…

So, what is this box and what’s all the fuss about?

The simple explanation – The box is made up of ceramic discs separated by cheap metal plates. Methane (or other hydrocarbons) and oxygen heat up the box and electricity is made.
Bloom estimates that a box filled with 64 ceramic disks can produce enough juice to power a Starbucks.

Major companies like Google, eBay, Coco-Cola, Fed Ex have already started using the box. Right now it’s far too pricey -700,000 to 800,000k a unit – to deploy beyond major commercial companies.

However, Bloom CEO KR Sridhar is optimistic. He predicts that the boxes will make their way to residential homes within 10 years.

One potential negative is if the box is generating an abundance of energy it can also produce carbon dioxide. But, I wouldn’t put it past Bloom Energy to work out the kinks and create an improved device in another eight years…

Check out this USA Today article for more information.

What do you think? Is the Bloom Energy box the future?
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Posted by Beth

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