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Global Goals Week 2023: Exploring the Ethics of Sustainable Development – Insights from GREEN Program’s Global Faculty

September 18, 2023 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

? In a rapidly changing world, what ethical responsibilities do individuals, organizations, and governments hold in shaping sustainable development practices, and how can we ensure these ethics drive positive global change rather than exacerbate existing challenges?

? This Global Goals Week, join The GREEN Program for a thought-provoking online panel discussion on the ethics of sustainable development featuring esteemed members of the GREEN Program’s global faculty. This engaging event will delve into the intricate relationship between ethics and sustainable development, highlighting real-world examples that are shaping our world today.

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Event Highlights:

  1. Ethical Foundations of Sustainable Development: Discover the ethical principles that underpin the concept of sustainable development and learn how they guide decision-making in various sectors, from environment and economics to social equity.

  2. Case Studies in Ethical Dilemmas: Gain insights into the complex ethical dilemmas that arise in the pursuit of sustainable development. Explore how global leaders and organizations navigate these challenges while balancing environmental preservation, economic growth, and social justice.

  3. Interactive Faculty Discussion: Engage with GREEN Program’s diverse faculty member from different corners of the world, as they share their research, expertise, and experiences. Participate in a dynamic panel discussion that uncovers the nuances of ethical decision-making in real-world scenarios.

  4. Current Realities and Future Directions: Delve into current real-world examples where ethics play a pivotal role in shaping sustainable development trajectories. Understand the global implications of ethical choices and their impact on our planet’s future.
  5. Q&A and Audience Interaction: Pose your questions to the panelists during the interactive Q&A session. Engage in meaningful conversations about the ethical considerations that affect sustainable development policies, projects, and initiatives.


  • Dr. Sagar Sharma (TGP Nepal Programs): Expert in development economics, climate migration, foreign aid, and development.
  • Professor Oscar Ortega (TGP Peru Program): Professor of sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, Indigenous knowledge, climate change, and international politics.
  • Christian (Chris) Windsor (TGP Belize Program): Environmental consultant and entrepreneur with expertise in environmental planning and design, impact assessments, social assessments, data management, and analysis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the ethics surrounding sustainable development and gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals actively engaged in shaping a more sustainable and just world.

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September 18, 2023
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


The GREEN Program
Philadelphia, Pa 19125 + Google Map
Green Philly

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