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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Green Philly! We know the importance of real news – to educate, inspire and make sustainability approachable. We publish content Monday-Friday on the web. We pride ourselves on content that is informative and matches our passion for sustainability.

Green Philly Topics

Green Philly helps the greater Philadelphia region how to live a sustainable lifestyle. All of our topics have a local lens, including national issues.

What We Cover:

We are interested in how-to stories, reported pieces, narrative essays and profiles of sustainable professionals and changemakers in the field.

Our posts cover topics like local sustainability news, climate change, sustainable lifestyle tips, environmental justice, clean energy, biking, sustainable/local food & producers, local businesses, nonprofits, individuals and civic/government. Topics may include social impact, interviews, new local companies, etc. Lessons/education, listicles and comparisons/personal insights are usually wins.

Examples: 12 places to hike near Philly; What I learned from hosting a sustainable event and how you can host one; and Man VS. Whole Foods: How to survive Whole Foods on a budget.

Topics we really like/need:

  • Profiles on lesser-known nonprofits and organizations
  • Listicles
  • Weird ways to live sustainable (we’re not going for the reusable bags here). i.e., how to choose a green menu, green your gym habit, pet food, natural ways to treat (anxiety, etc.), etc.
  • Profiles on people (leaders of organizations, up and coming young environmentalists, someone who started a nonprofit, etc.)

You may also cover and attend for recaps Green Philly hosted events like our Beyond the Blog panels or other local events.

What we do not typically cover:

Old news, greenwashing pieces, event previews (those go on our calendar), fiction/poetry, travel narratives, kickstarter/crowdsourcing you’re promoting and rants.

How to Pitch:

Query us by email with the subject line “PITCH: (topic)”. Tell us in no more than a paragraph or two what you plan to cover, why it’s important and interesting, and how you will report it.

Answer questions like: What are your specific qualifications for writing on this topic? Who are your sources? What ins do you have with your sources? If other major stories have been done on this topic, how will yours be different—and better?

If this is your first pitch, please include a line or two about your background, how you found Green Philly and two or three of your most relevant articles if relevant.

We will accept, suggest changes or reject the pitch. If we do not respond within 10 days, please send us a reminder email.  

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